Sunday Morning Worship

September 15 we begin digging into the book of Ephesians on Sunday mornings. Click  here  to listen.

September 15 we begin digging into the book of Ephesians on Sunday mornings. Click here to listen.

We always encourage families to worship together, so if you desire to keep your children with you in the worship service please do so. Pastor Jason coaches the kids each week to listen intently to the message for cues that help them see age-appropriate truths from the biblical text.

Nursery (birth - 3 years)

Our vetted volunteers provide care during the worship gathering.   

We provide age-appropriate toys and materials in our nursery and toddler classrooms. We assign two or more teachers per room for adequate supervision and loving attention.

Please drop your child off in the first Nursery/Toddler room located on the main floor down the hall from the Worship Center. 

There will be a caregiver waiting for your child and will provide quality care while you are in your study or worship time. When worship service ends, please promptly pick up your child from the nursery.

Why We Preach Expository Sermons

Its Nature
Expository preaching makes the point of any particular sermon is the point of the specific text being preached. It is important that the passage under consideration be explained according to the intentions of the original author’s writing to the original audience. Only after this is done, can it then be applied to daily Christian living.

**The emphasis of expository preaching is the careful explanation of God’s Word along with the practical application of it. We believe the result of expository preaching will be changed lives.

Its Goal
The goal of the expository preacher is to allow God’s Word to do its work on the listener. It is not the preacher, but God’s Word that shapes a congregation of individuals who will bring God glory. As we sit under this kind of preaching regularly, we expose ourselves to God’s Word. When God’s people do this, it will always lead to a productive, powerful, and penetrating Christian life.

Worthy Worship
Expository preaching leads to worthy worship. Our worship times are one of the most important times we spend together as a church family. God’s Word is central to our worship. We read God’s Word, pray through God’s Word, and preach God’s Word.

We also sing God’s Word, as special consideration is made to ensure that the content of our songs are Biblical in nature; we strive to sing theologically rich songs. We use many different instruments in our worship including piano, keyboard, acoustic & electric guitar, bass guitar, violin, drums, ukulele, and others as the body is gifted. We also attempt to incorporate a wide variety of musical styles, including hymns in traditional and contemporary settings, as well as modern worship music. By using a variety of styles, we hope to encourage multiple generations to lift their hearts and voices together in worship, realizing that everyone is compromising somewhat on their personal preferences for the sake of unity. But the instrumentation and musical style of the music we sing together is not the most important thing. The truth of God’s Word is paramount, and so we are selective with the songs our body sings on Sunday mornings.